Pura Ulun Danu Beratan Bali – Indonesia

The attractiveness of Pura Ulun Danu Beratan

Its locate in plateau about 1,239 m above sea level, its make tourists who come to this location not only to historical tour, but they also enjoy the natural of panoramas in this location.

This shrine has known as Pura Ulun Danu Beratan because its located on edge of Beratan lake. That Lake increase the beautiful of this location. After you entrance, tourists will be greeted by green of grasses, colorful flowers, and the shady pine trees.

The shrine has a characteristic of Bali, such as the building shrine has storey roofs, tower has roofs are 11 levels, 7 levels and 3 levels. Existantion of storey roofs describe adoration to three gods, they are Wisnu (11 levels), Brahma (7 levels) and Siwa (3 levels).
Other attractiveness of this location is Beratan lake where has depth about 23 m. if you want to enjoy this beautiful panoramas so close, tourists can rent a traditional boat or speed boat to round this lake.

Besides that, tourists can try some adventures like water adventures, they are parasailing, banana boat, or jet ski.whereas for tourists do not like adventures, fishing while enjoying the beautiful of lake are the right choices.

Other location to be missed if you visit this location is Kebun Raya Eka Karya. In this site, tourists can enjoy forest atmosphere with many various of fruits that tempting taste. Kebun Raya Eka Karya is located about 300 km from Beratan lake.

Located of Pura Ulun Danu Beratan
Pura Ulun Danu Beratan is located in Bedugul region, Candikuning village, sub Baturiti, district Tabanan, Province Bali. For tourists who start journey from Denpasar, distance that must be traveled about 55 km. whereas for tourists who depart from Tabanan, distance that must be traveled about 45 km.

Access to this location is very easy because its located on edge of street that connect Tabanan and Buleleng. Tourists who want to visit this site can use privacy vehicles or transportation public.

Facilities In Pura Ulun Danu Beratan
This location has been equiped supporting facilities completely, such as park area, play park for children, and toilet.

If you want to find food, tourists can choose restaurants and food stalls where available near play park with various interesting menus.
For tourists who want to spend much time in this site, they can choice varieties of hotels that suitable with budget.

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Dreamland Beach Bali – Indonesia

The attractiveness of Dreamland Beach

Although in this site still stages of development, Dreamland beach will not to lose to Kuta beach and Sanur beach. It cause dreamland beach has many various enhancements that become its attractiveness for tourists.

One of attractiveness from Dreamland beach are stretch of white sand and higher waves then it is very suitable for tourists who like surfing.

Its located behind cliffs that make tranquility for visitors. Because of that, tourist can enjoy the beautiful sights in Dreamland beach with rent a a chair and a beach umbrella while they enjoying coconut ice. Besides that, tourists can do other activities, like swimming, walking in stretch of white sand while playing it, and playing.

The sight around Dreamland beach is very wonderful. cliffs in this site present the beautiful of recesses of coral. Besides of that, tourists can also enjoying the beautiful sunset in the afternoon.

Located of Dreamland Beach

Administratively, Dreamland beach located in Pecatu village, Sub Kuta Selatan, Badung district, Bali province. For tourists who visit to Bali with flight, the journey to this sites need times about 45 minutes.

As for the tourists who depart from Jimbaran, the journey to this Dreamland beach need travel time about 30 minutes. Tourists can use private vehicles, transportation publics, or rent vehicles.

Facilities of Dreamland beach

In this tourists location of Dreamland beach available cafe and food traders and soft-drinks, so tourists do not need to carry their food or drink.

If they want to spend a lot of time in this Dreamland beach and look for hotels, tourists will find many hotels with various rates in around this tourists site.

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Sanur Beach Bali – Indonesia

The attractiveness of Sanur Beach

The beautiful of natural panoramas in Sanur beach has known to International by a painter from Belgia, A.J. Le Mayeur, that came to Bali in 1932.

If Kuta beach is so popular when sun setting panoramas, Sanur beach become one of the favorite tourist destination with the beautiful panoramas when sun rising. The beautiful of sun rising panoramas become complete because tourist can see cluster of Nusa Penida island in the south-est, and south beach Bali island. Besides that, Sanur beach also has its own attractiveness because its photography that curved and stretch of white sand.

The beautiful attractiveness of Sanur beach can be enjoyed by tourists in the afternoon. While they are relaxing on the beach, they also enjoy the beautiful sights like sea water receded slowly and it making clear eyes to cluster of Serangan Island and coral reef to the south. Besides of that, if the waves are not so great, so tourist will be pampered by the beautiful of coral reef that stretch of colorful.

Located of Sanur Beach

Tourist location of Sanur beach including Sanur village, sub Denpasar. Tourits who vivit to this beach can start their journey from Denpasar . from this city, tourists can use privacy vehicles or transportation public with routes Denpasar – Sanur.

Facilities of Sanur Beach
For tourist who want to eat, in this site available many restaurants and food stalls that serve many kinds of interesting menus with various prices.

In this site also available hotels with a various price, so tourists do not worry and just suitable its with their holiday’s budget.

Same as another tourist location, in Sanur beach also available many beach’s accessories seller and various of handmade that become to souvenirs.

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National Park West Bali – Indonesia

National Park West Bali located in the western part of the island of Bali in Indonesia. This national park has a 77,000 hectare area, which covers approximately 10% of the land area of the island of Bali. Travel time to this location is 2 hours to west of Denpasar. It is very easy to reach this location from both Denpasar and Gilimanuk ie from the highway Gilimanuk – Cekik – Negara about 3.3 km, or Cekik – Seririt – Singaraja about 85 km.

National Park West Bali consists of varieties of forests and savanna habitats. in the midst of this park, dominated by the remaining of the four volcanoes of Pleistocene age, with a mountain Patas as the highest point in this place.

About 160 species of animals and plants are protected in this national parks. Animals in this location such as bison, deers, monkeys, bats and various birds. National Park West Bali is the last place to find the only endangered endemic Bali, Bali Starlings in their natural habitat.

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Kuta Beach – Bali Indonesia

The attractiveness of Kuta beach

Beach has known in foreign that has many interesting places for tourist. First time you will see when you come to Kuta beach is stretch of white sands along about 200 km of coastline with a curved shape like a crescent moon.

With so much charm it has, Kuta beach never sleep since morning until midnight. In the morning, this beach always crowded by walked tourist while enjoying the fresh morning air or looking for breakfast. In the noon, atmosphere in the beach began bustling with tourist who sunbathe on the beach, play in the water, and even surfing because the waves are big. While in the afternoon, tourist will get beautiful scenery of sunset. Atmosphere in the evening will still crowded with many entertainment places around the beach, like cafés, discos, pubs, etc which are ready to accompany tourist who want to enjoy the nightlife.
Besides the attractiveness, tourist who come to Kuta beach can also enjoy many attractions, like bungy jumping, water boom, banana boat, etc. in this beach, tourists also do relaxation messeges to utilization services while enjoying the beauty of the beach. Whereas for tourist like tattoos, in this tourist region there are many professional tatoo parlors, temproray tattoos or permanent tattoos.

Kuta Beach location
Kuta beach including Kuta’s sub-region, Badung district, Bali. As a favourit tourits destination, Kuta beach has very easy accses to achieve. After arriving in Bali, they can start their journey from Denpasar. Distance from Denpasar to this tourists location about 11 km to the south with travel time about 15 – 20 minutes. Tourists can make use of public transportations or personal vehicles.

Fasilities on Kuta beach
Tourists want to stay in around this tourist site is very easy to get lodging, start from five star hotel until hostel, many available on around the beach. While for tourists that want to looking for a place to eat, in this location available many restaurant and food stalls that provide local and foreign flavored menu.

If they want to look for souvenirs, in this location available many souvenir shops that sell many kind of hand made, accessories, beach clothes and T-shirts.

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