Dreamland Beach Bali – Indonesia

The attractiveness of Dreamland Beach

Although in this site still stages of development, Dreamland beach will not to lose to Kuta beach and Sanur beach. It cause dreamland beach has many various enhancements that become its attractiveness for tourists.

One of attractiveness from Dreamland beach are stretch of white sand and higher waves then it is very suitable for tourists who like surfing.

Its located behind cliffs that make tranquility for visitors. Because of that, tourist can enjoy the beautiful sights in Dreamland beach with rent a a chair and a beach umbrella while they enjoying coconut ice. Besides that, tourists can do other activities, like swimming, walking in stretch of white sand while playing it, and playing.

The sight around Dreamland beach is very wonderful. cliffs in this site present the beautiful of recesses of coral. Besides of that, tourists can also enjoying the beautiful sunset in the afternoon.

Located of Dreamland Beach

Administratively, Dreamland beach located in Pecatu village, Sub Kuta Selatan, Badung district, Bali province. For tourists who visit to Bali with flight, the journey to this sites need times about 45 minutes.

As for the tourists who depart from Jimbaran, the journey to this Dreamland beach need travel time about 30 minutes. Tourists can use private vehicles, transportation publics, or rent vehicles.

Facilities of Dreamland beach

In this tourists location of Dreamland beach available cafe and food traders and soft-drinks, so tourists do not need to carry their food or drink.

If they want to spend a lot of time in this Dreamland beach and look for hotels, tourists will find many hotels with various rates in around this tourists site.

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