Kuta Beach – Bali Indonesia

The attractiveness of Kuta beach

Beach has known in foreign that has many interesting places for tourist. First time you will see when you come to Kuta beach is stretch of white sands along about 200 km of coastline with a curved shape like a crescent moon.

With so much charm it has, Kuta beach never sleep since morning until midnight. In the morning, this beach always crowded by walked tourist while enjoying the fresh morning air or looking for breakfast. In the noon, atmosphere in the beach began bustling with tourist who sunbathe on the beach, play in the water, and even surfing because the waves are big. While in the afternoon, tourist will get beautiful scenery of sunset. Atmosphere in the evening will still crowded with many entertainment places around the beach, like cafés, discos, pubs, etc which are ready to accompany tourist who want to enjoy the nightlife.
Besides the attractiveness, tourist who come to Kuta beach can also enjoy many attractions, like bungy jumping, water boom, banana boat, etc. in this beach, tourists also do relaxation messeges to utilization services while enjoying the beauty of the beach. Whereas for tourist like tattoos, in this tourist region there are many professional tatoo parlors, temproray tattoos or permanent tattoos.

Kuta Beach location
Kuta beach including Kuta’s sub-region, Badung district, Bali. As a favourit tourits destination, Kuta beach has very easy accses to achieve. After arriving in Bali, they can start their journey from Denpasar. Distance from Denpasar to this tourists location about 11 km to the south with travel time about 15 – 20 minutes. Tourists can make use of public transportations or personal vehicles.

Fasilities on Kuta beach
Tourists want to stay in around this tourist site is very easy to get lodging, start from five star hotel until hostel, many available on around the beach. While for tourists that want to looking for a place to eat, in this location available many restaurant and food stalls that provide local and foreign flavored menu.

If they want to look for souvenirs, in this location available many souvenir shops that sell many kind of hand made, accessories, beach clothes and T-shirts.

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