Sanur Beach Bali – Indonesia

The attractiveness of Sanur Beach

The beautiful of natural panoramas in Sanur beach has known to International by a painter from Belgia, A.J. Le Mayeur, that came to Bali in 1932.

If Kuta beach is so popular when sun setting panoramas, Sanur beach become one of the favorite tourist destination with the beautiful panoramas when sun rising. The beautiful of sun rising panoramas become complete because tourist can see cluster of Nusa Penida island in the south-est, and south beach Bali island. Besides that, Sanur beach also has its own attractiveness because its photography that curved and stretch of white sand.

The beautiful attractiveness of Sanur beach can be enjoyed by tourists in the afternoon. While they are relaxing on the beach, they also enjoy the beautiful sights like sea water receded slowly and it making clear eyes to cluster of Serangan Island and coral reef to the south. Besides of that, if the waves are not so great, so tourist will be pampered by the beautiful of coral reef that stretch of colorful.

Located of Sanur Beach

Tourist location of Sanur beach including Sanur village, sub Denpasar. Tourits who vivit to this beach can start their journey from Denpasar . from this city, tourists can use privacy vehicles or transportation public with routes Denpasar – Sanur.

Facilities of Sanur Beach
For tourist who want to eat, in this site available many restaurants and food stalls that serve many kinds of interesting menus with various prices.

In this site also available hotels with a various price, so tourists do not worry and just suitable its with their holiday’s budget.

Same as another tourist location, in Sanur beach also available many beach’s accessories seller and various of handmade that become to souvenirs.

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